Mark Hagerty, composer
Mark Hagerty is an award-winning, highly individualistic American composer who pursued classical training as an instrumentalist, singer, and composer, and then determined his own path, outside of any tradition or institution. He has been developing two compositional practices in parallel — one that extends historic, particularly pre-classical forms, and a second that sets all traditions aside in favor of forays into more extreme forms and modes of expression. In all cases, he strives for a deep connection with performers and listeners, and his music has found enthusiastic audiences internationally and across the United States. He recently completed a 5-movement triple concerto for violin, erhu (the classical Chinese string instrument), solo percussion, and large orchestra entitled Beyond These Borders, commissioned by the Master Player Concert Series of the University of Delaware for violinist Xiang Gao, erhu artist Cathy Yang, and percussionist Chen Zimbalista. Beyond These Borders will be performed by the University of Delaware Orchestra on May 28, 2018 and will be featured on the orchestra’s tour of China in June. It is scheduled for performance by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra in early 2019. Mark’s most recent recording is of his 4-movement work for trumpet and piano, None of the Above, included on a forthcoming CD with the working title "New American Works for Trumpet" by trumpet player Andrew Stetson and pianist Becca Zeisler.

Sergio Roberto de Oliveira, composer
Nominated twice for the Latin Grammy, Sergio is one of the most active and most widely performed composers in Brazilian contemporary music. His work has made an impact outside Brazil, with lectures, interviews, concerts and musical publications. He has been lecturing in more than 40 institutions in Brazil and abroad, as Princeton. In 2009 he was Artist-in-Residence at Duke University. His music has been played in Brazil, US, UK, Mexico, Italy, Holland, Germany, Serbia and Spain. Sergio is the founder and a member of the group of composers Prelúdio 21 (the most important of Brazil and one of the most active worldwide). He is also a member of the group of composers Vox Novus, based in New York. He is the creator of “International Festival Composers of Today”, Contemporary Music Festival that happens annually in Rio de Janeiro, in November, since 2013. His discography will include, by March 2016, 25 CDs as producer, 21 as composer, 33 as general producer, 2 as arranger and 2 as pianist. His catalog of compositions includes more than 125 works for various ensembles. Sergio Roberto de Oliveira is a member of the Latin Academy of the Arts and Science of Recording.

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